STARTS 10TH MARCH 2020 (00.00 GMT) - 9TH APRIL 2020 (23.59 GMT).


In celebrating oue first anniversary, we will be running a referral bounty on the Cowrybet Platform.


First place - 0.005 BTC (minimum of 300 referrals)

Second place - 0.003 BTC (minimum of 200 referrals)

Third place - 0.002 BTC (minimum of 150 referrals)

Fourth to tenth places - 0.001 BTC (minimum of 100 referrals)


1.    Participants must have a Cowrybet account and have made at least a deposit and placed a bet from their account.

2.    Tell your friends to join Cowrybet.  Once they are registered, ask for their username on the Platform.

3.    Referrals must have registered after the start of this bounty.

4.    Referrals must make a deposit within 24 hours of registering on Cowrybet and place a bet for them to count as a referral for you.

5.    Once you have your referral’s username, just drop it in the #cowrybet-bounty channel and it will be checked to confirm if they have met the referral conditions, if so, you will get a point.

6.     Referrals are also eligible to participate.

7.    The minimum referral threshold must be met for you to be paid.

8.    Leaders’ table will be updated weekly.

9.    If a threshold has not met, you will only be paid for the threshold you have met, but not more than the ten places available for this bounty.

10.    If we discover that you are opening multiple accounts to manipulate this bounty you and others involved will be disqualified.

11.    Winners will be announced within a week of the completion of this bounty.