Payments methods



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How to Deposit

1. Copy the Cowrybet deposit address: CcGkjARgkTAK7k3vE3AwcaL8F9xzWYyJxn . Send the amount you want to deposit to this address and copy the transaction ID (TX ID).
2. Enter the amount you have sent to the Cowrybet deposit address.
3. Enter the bonus code (if any).
4. Click " Make Deposit".
5. On this page, paste the transaction ID (TX ID) from the transaction you sent to the Cowry deposit address and click "Request Manual Deposit".

How to Withdraw

1. Enter your withdrawal address in the "Wallet number" Column.
2. Enter your withdrawal amount and click " Request Manual Withdrawal".
3. On the next page, enter your wallet address again and click " Confirm Manual  Request".