Betting Rules

Three way handicap

If this betting event outcome is selected, goals (points, etc.) are added to the final result (or deducted in case of negative advantage) of the chosen team or participant. When the result including the handicap is in favor of chosen team or participant, the bet is considered to be won. If the result is in favor of opposition, the bet is considered to be lost. In cases where the result including the chosen handicap is a draw, the handicap draw outcome is considered the winner and other outcomes the loser.

In the case of multiple sides or outcomes declared as winners of one event, the player's winnings are calculated by dividing the odds in the betslip from the number of winning sides or outcomes. The recounted odds cannot be lower than 1.

Cash Out

When the circumstances of the game on which you have placed your bets change, you will be able to withdraw your money before the outcome is summarized – all you need to do is select the Cash Out feature in your betting history. The potential amount of the Cash Out will depend on the results of the team on which you have placed your bet and it can be either bigger or smaller than your original bet, giving you a chance to either increase your winnings or reduce the potential losses.

A Cash Out calculation example

You have placed a €10 bet on your chosen team’s victory with the odds of 3, so your potential winnings would be €30. If during the game the odds become equal, you can reduce your risk by using the Cash Out feature and withdrawing more that you have bet. For example – if the opposite party’s odds rise to 2, by using the Cash Out feature you will increase your original bet amount to €15.